Episode 8 Shrunken-Go-Round!

I’ve been working for WAY too long on an overly ambitious three-part episode that WILL be out in the near future. Between that, producing other upcoming shows (including Whiskey Deep with Tom Plute!) and looking for some kind of real- world employment, I’ve been almost too busy to drink to much and tell jokes at some of my favorite drinking-too-much locales. Lucky for you, I … Continue reading Episode 8 Shrunken-Go-Round!

Episode BONUS: Sumukh Torgalkar

Hey everybody. I’m here to shatter your expectations of my laziness and ineptitude by releasing two episodes in one week! Now who doesn’t know how to shave?? This episode is is one I recorded with the very funny Sumukh Torgalkar at Luck Bros’ Coffee House Sumukh has, on occasion been something of a mentor to me. We have a very interesting conversation about writing comedy, … Continue reading Episode BONUS: Sumukh Torgalkar

Episode 7: For real this time

Hey, Everypeople!!! Welcome to a very special episode of the SqueezeCast. Our first LIVE episode! That’s right! We moved out of the car, moved straight past the smoking patio to the showroom of Strange Loop Records where there were dozens of people there to hear what Alpaca Lips members Alex Greene, Dan Loper, Michelle Weiser and myself had to say into microphones for free. Not … Continue reading Episode 7: For real this time

Episode 6: Foam Dongs and Chickenginas

Finally! The wait is over. All fourteen of you can throw away you “SqueezeCast” monogrammed hankies that you’ve been wiping tears with every day you wake up without a new episode… You didn’t get those? That was just me then? In this episode, Captain Ladyface and I recap the past week and banter adorably because that’s our default setting. Then I riff a little with … Continue reading Episode 6: Foam Dongs and Chickenginas

SqueezeCast Episode 4: Let me hold your pony.

This episode was the most expensive episode we’ve recorded to date.  We spent as much as (parking ticket amount)! Alex Greene & Danny Stratton sit down in a guest car with myself and Dee Burkhardt.  We cover all the important issues:  Franklin & Bash, hollow horses and the healing powers of soup. Peter Brieck sells me on a show I’ve never watched and Bum Theory … Continue reading SqueezeCast Episode 4: Let me hold your pony.

Episode 3: There are no Muppets in Die Hard & Stories from Fancy Dude-Storm

This episode is a night out with my brother Drew and my friend Paul.  And by “on the town”  I mean “within a half-mile of my house.” We talk about the rising inflation of bread, whether or not a bra is a good place to store muffins and why David Goyer should be ashamed of himself. Continue reading Episode 3: There are no Muppets in Die Hard & Stories from Fancy Dude-Storm

Episode 2: Pontiac Glasquez

Hey Everypeople! It’s episode 2!  Recorded outside of The Shrunken Head open mic with yours truly, Dee Burkhardt, Dorian Vasquez and the host of said open mic, Nick “Olas Sparkle-princess: The orange hat guy” Glaser. We talk a little about comedy and science fiction, we even dip briefly into politics for a second. But don’t get too comfy folks, the topic changes to feline fornication. … Continue reading Episode 2: Pontiac Glasquez