PopPartisan is a podcast that exists. It’s the show that dedicates itself to ruining the escapism of popular culture by injecting it with politics.

Is Homer Simpson a Democrat or Republican?
How would the wizarding world of Harry Potter be impacted by Brexit?
Is the Fairly Oddparents a bad manifestation of American imperialism?

Each episode, we discuss a popular culture thing, a political event – either current or past (or future), and how those things combined could relate to both the fictional world and real world. Join us as we ask the (we think) important questions.

Our show boils down to two nerds who take fiction way too seriously, and take real life happenings not quite seriously enough. We try to do our homework, but we kept getting distracted by other pop culture. We’re not always on message and never all business.

Join Sam Gerard and Sam Sobul as they answer the age-old question: How many Sams does it take to ruin a whole entertainment medium? (Spoiler: the answer is two.)