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25. Him & Roy

It’s Quiz Box Time! Scorekeeper Nickey Winkleman and Host Erik Tait welcome back reigning champion Kevin Hendrix defending his title against Nick Glaser, Leslie Battle, and special guest, Bobby D! Once you’re done listening you’re gonna want to check out Erik Tait’s appearance on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us available on youtube or the CW streaming app.

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Smells Like Oh Lumberjack

Longtime friend of the show and experienced farter Miguel Martinez shows off one of his many skills right after showing off another of his many skills at Comfest 2016! Why are these old episodes only coming out now? Relax, this is a podcast about fart noises stop taking it so seriously MIGUEL GOSH HERE’S YOUR DAMN EPISODE STOP BUGGING ME […]

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Many Colons Make Light Work

featuring  Everybody! In the Season 2 finale, Nick makes history yet again by conducting the most simultaneous interviews EVER in a non-comedy podcast. Hear from everybody who attended The Fart Cast at the Columbus Podcast Festival in 2017, and get hyped for your chance to be a guest on Season 4 at the Columbus Podcast Festival tomorrow at 6:30!

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