Chatimals is the nature podcast where information meets imagination. Each episode covers one kind of animal with an eye out for all the goofy, surprising animal facts.
Chatimals is a blend of light hearted goofs and fascinating animal facts. Sometimes spontaneously researched, and presented with pleasure for your listening entertainment.
Do you find it fascinating that blue whales only have two taste buds? Do you know how many babies Armadillo’s have? Do you want to know how to use a peacock in a bank heist situation?
Join Husband and Wife hosts Kevin and Mandy as they tour the animal kingdom. She has questions, he has Wikipedia
Cover Art by Emily Kardamis (@corruptedgem)


Learn a little bit and laugh a lot about giraffes on this spiny episode of Chatimals! Find out how nasty they are. Find out what a fisher is. Find out their favorite food (its sweaty old boots)! Apologies for some audio kinks we are still working out with The Chatimals Podcast Dungeon Studio Area Room Zone Enclosure Place(tm)

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