Fuck you in your #s!

First off, let me start by saying that I’m not an English major. I’ll mess up grammar and punctuation. I’m sorry. I also have a sick baby attached to my boob and she periodically smacks my phone screen. I’m a mother of two. I stay home all day and lose my sanity while my husband works. My best friends shit […]

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Writing a Resume

I’m 25.  I’ve been working at the same soul-numbing job for the past six years of my life.  I finally grew tired of wearing khakis and being taken advantage of when I put in my two weeks notice a few days ago. 25.  I’ve been wearing an apron and sarcastically calling seven year old kids “Sir” and “Miss” until recently, […]

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Great Indian Food.

I have a couple of jobs… I don’t tell you this with the intention of  sounding like some noble working class hero. Quite the contrary.  I keep job #1 because it’s a job and I’m quite frankly terrified of leaving my khaki-clad comfort-zone.  Job #2 is one I really enjoy. I work at a reception hall.  The people are fun, […]

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