The Quiet Nobility of Trolls

This has been one hell of a year so far. And it isn’t even over. Robin Williams killed himself and Bill Cosby has been revealed to be a notorious rapist. Typing that sentence was incredibly difficult for me as a jester-by-trade, a human being and a fan of the movie “Jack” On top of all that, I lost my grandfather on Halloween. Forever depleting the … Continue reading The Quiet Nobility of Trolls

Success comes in all flavors

The standards for being successful are horseshit. Bottom line. Who says you have to be 25, graduated from college, married, maybe a spawn or 2 on the way, a new car and purchasing your first home. It’s crazy. Between the mountain of student loans and the impossibility of actually meeting someone worth spending your life with at 25 it’s insane to think these things mean … Continue reading Success comes in all flavors