Fuck if I know.

Wednesday night, I had a killer set at The Surly Girl Saloon and then subsequently was afflicted with a sickness that made me ask the question, “Is success worth the dropping of the other shoe?” It is, for the record. Mild as that success may be. And in terms of cause/effect, a quick survey of some friends seems to indicate, […]

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Another Year Older

What is it, Friday? Time to write a new blog. What? Shit! Saturday?… I’m bad at keeping a schedule. Well, today is March fourteenth. My birthday was Tuesday, and Captain Ladyface surprised me by inviting about 70% of everyone I’ve ever high-fived to The Shrunken Head for karaoke. She was able to finagle a drink special that really allowed me […]

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Back For The Future

The sketch group I joined recently, Alpaca Lips comedy has a live sketch show at Strange Loop Records every other month. We are really working on getting to the bottom of how comedy works. On the other months, there is a stand up comedy showcase show that I attended last night as an audience member and I have to say […]

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