Episode 8 Shrunken-Go-Round!

I’ve been working for WAY too long on an overly ambitious three-part episode that WILL be out in the near future. Between that, producing other upcoming shows (including Whiskey Deep with Tom Plute!) and looking for some kind of real- world employment, I’ve been almost too busy to drink to much and tell jokes at some of my favorite drinking-too-much locales.

Lucky for you, I had a full battery and some time on my hands Monday at The Shrunken Head.

I decided to do something different with this episode. I started talking to Dusty Estepp about something called “Vocal fry” and then we began passing the recorder (& the role of host) around the back patio. It’s something new. And if you like it, we’ll try more.

Featuring Dusty Estepp, Miss Karen, Bianca Moore, Captain Ladyface, Gilli, Dorian Vasquez and… MORE!

Guest theme by Captain Ladyface herself.

Bye, Y’all! More later.

I never thought I would say, “y’all” until I started dating a girl from Georgia. Now it’s kind of cute.

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