Episode 7: For real this time

Hey, Everypeople!!!

Welcome to a very special episode of the SqueezeCast. Our first LIVE episode!

That’s right! We moved out of the car, moved straight past the smoking patio to the showroom of Strange Loop Records where there were dozens of people there to hear what Alpaca Lips members Alex Greene, Dan Loper, Michelle Weiser and myself had to say into microphones for free.


Not a concept any of us are unfamiliar with. But this time around we mostly remained seated.

So it was different…. dick.

We try to answer important questions like,

“What’s Alex’s obsessions with bands that have a 3s in their name?”

“Is it possible to overuse this air horn app?”

“Will the crowd follow us if we take a smoke break twenty minutes before the show ends?”

And “What the fuck is this??”

Dan & Al drink drinks!

My brother Drew proves that he is a much more universally likable version of me (unless you’re an alcoholic)!

Captain Ladyface does adorable things!

Morgan Ward joins the panel bringing cake, and Michelle’s sexual awakening.


And it all ends with a surprise phone call from a special guest…


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