Episode 6: Foam Dongs and Chickenginas

Finally! The wait is over. All fourteen of you can throw away you “SqueezeCast” monogrammed hankies that you’ve been wiping tears with every day you wake up without a new episode…

You didn’t get those? That was just me then?

In this episode, Captain Ladyface and I recap the past week and banter adorably because that’s our default setting.

Then I riff a little with Gilli and Jason Banks outside of Scarlet & Grey Cafe

Then finally, I discuss aging, love and the city of Columbus, with Takerr and Mandi Gage (two people I had just met from the audience of a show I did at Ruby Tuesday Live with The Ooh-La-Las

All with music by the Untwittered Bilbo

Me & Takerr’s “Action shot” Photograph by Mandi Gage

Also, I think I call this episode “Episode 7” like four times. It isn’t. It’s episode 6. But J.J. Abrams has got me pretty impatient right now.

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