Another Year Older

What is it, Friday? Time to write a new blog.

What? Shit! Saturday?… I’m bad at keeping a schedule.

Well, today is March fourteenth. My birthday was Tuesday, and Captain Ladyface surprised me by inviting about 70% of everyone I’ve ever high-fived to The Shrunken Head for karaoke. She was able to finagle a drink special that really allowed me to indulge my narcissism.


I sang several songs, drank much of my namesake and enjoyed the company of many of the friends I’ve accumulated over my years of being a charismatic asshat.

Overall, a damn good way to turn 26.

During the festivities, I was able to record a lot of things. My buddy, Paul ,from episode 3, recorded a conversation he was having about Cosplaying. Cosplay… Cosplayage?…

Anyway, that happened, and should be featured in an upcoming episode of the podcast. Captain Ladyface thwarted a camel representative from getting my information by asking her questions until she left. Bravo, Ladyface. And the infamous Sym Synnystr tells me again about the time he met Vincent Price

So even though I haven’t posted an episode since December, we’ve been working as hard as our little whiskey-fueled asses would allow to bring you lots of great content.

hmmmm. I have more news, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to release it yet.

Stay Tuned, Y’all Biskithaids.

New episode coming on Monday.

– Jameson

Photo by Richard W. Hess

Jameson at the Shrunken Head Comedy Open Mic on August 4th, 2014.

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