Success comes in all flavors

The standards for being successful are horseshit. Bottom line. Who says you have to be 25, graduated from college, married, maybe a spawn or 2 on the way, a new car and purchasing your first home. It’s crazy. Between the mountain of student loans and the impossibility of actually meeting someone worth spending your life with at 25 it’s insane to think these things mean success.

Why isn’t having a job and doing what you like enough? Why do we let the internet dictate our success? “How you know you’re succeeding”. Why is some online list qualified to tell you how YOU’RE successful? Success is in the hand of the beholder. My daily success is making sure that I showered and that I’ve spoken to those I love, dinner is made and laundry is done. This is not what I want for the rest of my life but for now it’s my success. I’m going to go to college eventually, but I don’t need to right now. I like the low level “bull shit” jobs for now. Success for my future is making sure my marriage stays strong, probably losing a couple lbs, and kids and a career. I don’t know what I want a career in, I don’t know how many kids I want nor do I know how much weight I’ll actually lose, but for the future that’s my success. If you choose to judge me based on my complacency then that’s your fault. Simply because I don’t have a college degree should not mean I am not successful.

I give much praise to those that choose to chase a degree that they want or climb the corporate ladder or even pick food out of the dumpster because it’s free and good for the environment, but that’s not my success. I choose to make the most of my situation. I focus on my reading and writing, the relationship with all members of my family and friends, and I focus on my marriage.

My least favorite phrases are “you are wasting so much potential” and ” you could do so much better”. Thank you for telling me you think I’m “worth more” but politely go fuck yourself. When I meet a person I don’t ask “what do you do?” or “where did you go to school?”. I meet someone, ask for their name and normally ask about what they’re interested in or ask what they’re drinking. I really don’t care where you work because if you don’t come out and tell me it’s probably not what you want therefore I don’t see it as a reflection of you.

Success is something that I view as personal to each individual and should not be judged by outsiders that don’t know your whole story.



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