The Change. It had to come.

I started the podcast just to see if I could. Whether or not I can still remains to be seen.

Now I have a laundry list of pretentious reasons with which I’ve convinced myself of its importance in my life.

It’s an outlet for me.  As many opportunities as there are to get on stage in Columbus, (I got up five times last week) it’s something that I can continue to work on that doesn’t require a stage.

I believe that popular culture (and comedy specifically) is the great equalizer.  If you cram 4 people in a car who you wouldn’t necessarily find together on a camping trip, they will find common ground.  Hilary Clinton, Walter White, George W. Bush and Mick Jagger may not see eye to eye on anything serious, but chances are they all think that scene in “The Jerk” wherein Navin Johnson “doesn’t need anything” is fucking hilarious… They might also bond around the acquisition of the Infinity Gauntlet that was necessary to bring Walter White into our reality (the seventh gem was meth!)

I have an excuse to talk to interesting people in the city I live in.  Talented people.  Nice people.  Good people.  Funny people.

A lot of dicks, too, but that’s beside the point.

Columbus, OH may not be the hub of media growth that some of us like to think it is.

Some people still believe that cows outnumber people in this state 2:1.

But still, we keep on plugging away like the (unfinished sports analogy…  Not really my forte).

And that’s what we do.  We keep trying.  We find our way.  We do what we can to stay relevant.  To make the best of whatever we have and hit the ground running… I realize that this attitude is certainly not specific to this city, but I’m making a point here (I really like parentheses)

There is a lot of talent in this city.  And I want to highlight as much of it as I can each week until we run out (or I get bored with it this city and move on)

There will be tons of new content on this website in the coming weeks.

Several new and ongoing blogs from native buckeyes who’ve moved on to dryer/warmer pastures.

A new multimedia comic book-experience based in Columbus (but really fucking awesome).

There are changes on the horizon, y’all biskithaids.  Get used to them.


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